Monday, December 27, 2010

e-book vs. real book

I've been a book lover ever since my mother uttered the phrase "Books are our friends, we love them". I can only assume she didn't want me ripping them up or coloring all over them. But it clearly worked. I love to read, but I LOVE books! I love my books very much. You only have to look around my house to see that. Books are everywhere. I had to put an extra stool in my bedroom to pile up more books! Sometimes I just sit and look at my bookshelves lovingly. I'm not kidding. But over the past few years, I've realized that I cannot keep every book that passes through my hands. I've talked before about Paperback and what a great idea it is. Now, when I'm finished with a book I don't want to keep, I have somewhere to send it and I get a credit for another book.

All that said, you must know that when "e-readers" came out, I turned up my nose. WHYYYY??? would anyone want to take away my beloved books? The smell, the feel, the way you can curl up in a chair & completely lose yourself for hours. I guess that's more the story, but you know what I mean. But I did see the benefits of an e-reader for lots of people. People who have tiny houses, people who travel, people who read like a book a day, people who can't see well-they can adjust the font size. Think of all the kids in the future who won't have to carry 30 pounds of textbooks in their backpacks. Some books can even be read to you through the device-I could 'read' my book while walking outside! I know there are lots of perks. Maybe the biggest one of all-it must be the greener choice for our reading material. But is it? This is a fun article about the whole green thing:

As for us foodies & traditionalists, I guess cookbooks aren't quite there yet. I hear they don't translate well to the readers. Phewww. Cookbooks are sacred! And what happens when the battery is dead? You have to wait for it to charge. What if you drop it & its breaks? What if it gets wet? I can see lots of cons as well.

All that being said, guess what I got for Christmas? It wasn't unsolicited, I asked for it. I am now the owner of the Kindle3 with 3G & wifi (as shown in the picture above). I decided that maybe it wasn't so evil after all. I can now carry my books with me wherever I go & check my email & shop online all at the same time. When I decide I want a book, I can have it in under a minute! Talk about instant gratification.

Of course I'm scared to death I'm going to drop it or break it & that is why there is a case on its way as we speak, which even has a little easel stand to hold it up for hands free reading. But for now it lives in its box. I do take it out & look at it multiple times a day. I know, I'm a loser.

So far, I've downloaded 'samples' of the Steig Larson books since I'm not sure I can commit yet. Thank goodness there are lots of free books-books I probably wouldn't otherwise read. Because although I've made the leap to an e-reader, I haven't quite gotten over my cheapness! Baby steps.

I love books & nothing will ever change that, especially technological advances. I do appreciate modern conveniences and I don't think it has to be all one or the other. I can have both and love both and appreciate them for their differences.